Estampaciones Plásticas Kadisa S.L.


We have been working for more than 40 years manufacturing and printing polypropylene bags, mainly for the sweet and confectionery, food, stationery and gift sectors.

We specialise in the manufacture and printing of cone bags, rectangular bags (both transparent and metallic) including very small sizes, polypropylene rolls and bows.

We have a wide range of standard products which we are constantly renewing. Our production and adaptive capacity allows us to manufacture, on request, bags to meet our clients' needs and budget as well as manufacturing bags of any size and thickness and with personalised designs.

Our team of professionals are available to advise on design, materials, thickness, trends and any questions you may have.

We have an extensive sales network that enables us to offer a personalised service to all of our clients; allowing us to advise and attend to their specific and personal needs.

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We provide advice on design, material thickness and trends

 All of our materials are suitable for food contact

We are committed to delivering your orders on time